Felder-Syracuse Stadium TimeLine                                                                            

Summer, 2004   Shomari Felder, sophomore Fowler High School high jumper, tells how he and team-mates train in school cafeteria, but “can’t put the bar high enough”

01- 04 to 10-04      Research of Stadia of World by Gary Crawford, Irene Thompson,

David Kirby, Chris Abbott, Mark Driscoll, Nancy Smith

06-09-04  “Group proposes sports complex”,  B1,  Syracuse Post-Standard

11-16-04   Incorporation Felder-Syracuse Indoor Track and Field Stadium;   a 501c3, not- for-profit organization with Principals Lennie Tucker, Gary Crawford, Irene Thompson;  named for Shomari Felder, Fowler High School athlete;    P.J.  Dolan, Esq., Attorney

12-04    Created Felder Jar for fundraising/walked-talked up and down SouthSalina Street, talking about Felder Stadium

12-06-04    Purchased first Felder business cards from Minuteman Press in Liverpool

01-10-05    Introduced to Liverpool CS school board by Coach Ball

01-12-05    Met with Syracuse City School District school board

01-20-05     Opened account with Bank of America

01-24-05     Introduced to Cicero-North Syracuse school board by Phyllis Radford

02-02-05    Irene and Lennie met with Sports Corporation/Drumlins/Peter Waack made first Felder Jar donation

03-05   Became partner with Salvation Army and other groups in applicationfor Kroc funds

03-14-05    Introduced to West Hill school board by Coach Robin Wheeless

03-30-05    First meeting with Architecteam

04-18-05    Met Holmes, King, and Kallquist Architects

05-13-05    Felder presentation to monthly meeting of Southwest CommunityCenter, courtesy of Jesse Dowdell, CEO

06-16-05    Gary created proof-of-need questionnaires

07-07-05    Felder principal toured Center for Human Performancewith Charlie Lester, Coach of Impalas

09-13-05    Felder principals and other Kroc Partners at Salvation Army Press Conference

10-06-05    Kroc-Salvation Army Luncheon at OnCenter

11-09-05    Felder principals made presentation at Section III Coaches Meeting

12-   -05    21 returned responses/comments to questionnaire

01-19-06    Gary receives Believe to Achieve Award

01-23-06    Met with Ed Kochian in Mr. Pirro’s office

02-07-06    Letter of support from John Rathbun, Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Sports Corporation

02-15-06    Sinopoli and Sinopoli became accountants for Felder

02-22-06    Letter of support from James Nixdorf, Fayetteville-Manlius Coach, ret.

02-22-06   Letter of support from Jim Goulet, Baldwinsville Varsity Coach, ret.

02-27-06   Letter of support from Susan Kreplin-Michaels, Triathlete

03-11-06   Felder principals help at first Tipp Hill race

03-13-06   Letter of support from C-NS High School Varsity Coach Richard Nastasi

03-15-06   Letter of support from Richard C. Murphy, Insurance and Financial Concepts

03-20-06   Met with Section III leader, Dick Bader, and secretary-treasurer,

Dawn Field, future  www.felderstadium.com  webmaster

03-23-06   Met future Felder Stadium consultant Thomas Gaughan

03-24-06   Kroc funds awarded elsewhere

04-07-06    Felder representative Tucker met with Fayetteville-Manlius AD, Mr. Roy

04-17-06    Met Norma Shannon and Donna Hale of Syracuse Housing Authority

04-28-06    Sad Salvation Army meeting

05-04-06    Crawford-Tucker power point presentation to Section III athletic directors

05-06-06    Inner Harbor Race/fundraiser/rain, snow, sleet, hail/fun with kids

undated     Letter of support from Patrick Driscoll, Commissioner of Syracuse City Parks

05-16-06   Letter of support from Robert Geraci, Commissioner of Onondaga County Parks

05-19-06   Felder met Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects at Sack AssociatesEngineering Consultants, downtown Syracuse

05-23-06    Made presentation to Pat Driscoll, City Parks Commissioner

05-24-06   Felder Associates Crawford, Tucker meeting with Norma Shannon, Thomas Gaughan

05-24-06   Letter of support from Charles J. Halligan, Sports Director Empire State Games/Senior Games

06-14-06  Letter of support from Joann Zinsmeyer, President of Phoenix Dollars for Scholars, track and field official

06-17-06   Car wash fundraiser at Sam’s Club, B. Fuccillo gave $200

06, June-July       Felder Community Track and Field Practice with SCSD and Parks

07-21-06   Second meeting with Teitsch-Kent-Fay

07-31, 08-1, 2, 3, 4-06    Felder Track, Field, and Cross Country Youth Practices

08-18-06   Reviewed proposal for feasibility study with T-K-F

08-23-06   Gary and Lennie met with Gateway Principals Walt Dixie, David Rufus, Mr. McClain, and Laronda Ealey

10-06-06   Run and dinner with Kathrine Switzer and husband, Roger/Mr. and Mrs. Kent attended

10-28-06   Modified Invitational Cross Country Race at Inner Harbor/fundraiser

12-12-06   Obtained tax exempt status

12-06, 01-07   Shared basketball gate receipts with Syracuse Academy of Science

12-23-06   Letter of support from Edna Utter and children, David and Star

01-07   Received first $1,000 donations

01-12-07    Taped dvd presentation with WRVO, a donation

02-05-07    Found we didn’t know how to edit tape, hired CRS MediaCorp

02-20-07    Taped voices for dvd, Jasper Royal, George Ball, Monica Ridgeway,Cheryl McDonald, Irene Thompson

02-20-07   Taped Shomari Felder’s voice following horrific snows in Oswego/Jay Tucker, riding shotgun/promotional dvd is finished

03-06-07   Made arrangements to gain return of website to Felder

03-10-07   Felder helped at second annual Tipperary Hill Race

03-21-07   Mr. Gaughan announces that we have completed the Strategic Plan

03-26-07   Presented Felder dvd and folder to Bea Gonzalez, President of Common Council, who supports

04-02-07   Presented Felder dvd and folder to Van Robinson, Councilor-at-Large,who supports

04-20-07   Presented Felder dvd/folders to Carol Shepperd-Peterson, Executive

Director;   Bill Simmons, Assistant Director;   Rebecca Livengood, Director

of Grants Management at Syracuse Housing Authority, who support

05-07        Irene is nominated to International Amateur Athletics Union Hall of Fame

05-10-07   Presented Felder dvd to Mr. Lowengard, Syracuse City School District, who supports

07-09-07   First use of credit card terminal/Bank of America

06-19 to 07-22    Felder Community T, F, and CC Practices, partnership/City Schools, City Parks

07-30 through 08-03      Youth Track, Field, and Cross Country Camp, ages 7 – 12

08-20-07    Meeting with Governor Spitzer’s Regional Representative Dan Young, who supports

08-09-07   Salt City Games Track Meet, ages 8 – 16

08-28-07     Syracuse Professional and Recreation Club (SPaRC), a 501c3, presentation, questions, support, and donation, Peter Waack, Lippoldt/contacts, Goulet and Tucker

09-10-07    Yvonne Tasker-Rothenberg joins Felder Board

10-13-07    Modified Cross Country Meet, Onondaga Lake Inner Harbor

11-29-07    Received Award of Appreciation for Charitable Effort, re Turning StoneProfessional Golf Tournament, NYS Empowerment Fund

12-06-07    Robeson Reception, fundraiser and auction

01-08    Beginning of Zogby talks to conduct Needs/Benefit Study

01-08    New Felder dvd, includes testimonials from Mother Barber/Son Zayas(soccer), Pete Waack (volleyball), Mother Gonzalez/Son Reyes (lacrosse)

02 through 03-08    seven LAMAR billboards

02-20-07    WRVO Studio edit of Shomari Felder audio testimonial

03-02-08    Sunday Post-Standard Newspaper Insert

03-09-08    Sunday Post-Standard Insert, letter from Jasper Royal

03-09 throughout    Walking North and South Salina Street, Eastwood, Butternut Street, Onondaga Avenue, leaving Felder literature

03-26-08   Mr. Jim Kane, Accountant, volunteers his service to Felder-Syracuse

03-28-08   Architectural drawings complete/Teitsch-Kent-Fay

04-08  throughout    Telephone exchanges, Ms. Griggs/Ms. Goldstein/AXA;Ms. Martin/Dr. Vercillo/Excellus;   Ms. Adkins/Dr. Quinn/Dr. Daly/Community General Hospital

04-08    Clearchannel Radio, 75 spots, message from Jasper Royal

04-04-08   Yvonne Tasker-Rothenberg leaves Felder Board

04-28-08    Presentation to Fitness Forum, Mike La Neve, Jeff Nesci

06-13, 14, 15-08    Balloon Fest

06 through 07-08    Community Track, Field, and Cross Country Practices, 6 Tuesdays

07-08    WSTM  television, 19 spots, including The Prefontaine Meet

07-08    Engaged Mrs. Tubbert,  Rotek Business Bookkeeper

07-28 through 08-01-08    Track, Field, and Cross Country Youth Camp, ages 7 – 12

08-06-09    County Legislature votes to provide funding for OCC Arena (notification from Dr. Debbie Sydow to Felder), regulation track and community use

09-08   The Whites begin track and field camp for children, 3 – 7, at F-M, a spin-off of Felder

09-08-08   Mr. Jim Goulet joins Felder Board

09-08-08   Dr. Don Trombley joins Felder Board

09-08-08   Mr. Crawford leaves Felder Board

09-29-08   Ended (very expensive) Merchant Account

11-24-08   Onondaga Lake Park Walk Through the Lights

12-18 through 12-25-08    Readings in the Parks

01-03-09     Onondaga Lake Park Run Through the Lights, Felder directs, annual

01 through 02-09   Rescue Mission training, Wednesdays

02-03-09   Updowntowners presentation

02-03-09   Noel Ebner, President Upstate Lacrosse, a contact

02-18-09    Mr. Bill Sanford, a discussion

03-09 and continuing    M, F, Sat   Rescue Mission Walking/Running program with Mr. John Fredette

03-16-09   A look at Hechinger Building as temporary housing for track and fieldarena

03-21-09    School House to White House 5K in Pulaski, volunteer effort by high school seniors, Felder mentors, consults

04-08-09   Felder receives USATF Youth Development Grant for Throws implements

04-13-09   Mr. Tim Collins joins Felder Board

04-13-09   Mr. Jim Vermeulen joins Felder Board

04-13-09   Mr. Pat Leone joins Felder Board

05-03-09    Mountain Goat Kids Chase

05-15-09   Mr. Jim Vermeulen leaves Felder Board

05-27-09   Informational meeting, Mr. Collins/Ms. Tucker

06-09-09   Mr. Lowengard suggested turning Felder Stadium sideways on the Roesler Park lot and putting an indoor football arena at the end of it, Dr. Trombley, Ms. Tucker, Mr. Breslin from Rescue Mission, Ms.Breslin from SCSD (no relation), Mr. DiBello from SCSD in Mr. Lowengard’s office

06-09 through 07-21  Community Track, Field, and Cross Country Practices, Tuesdays, free, P.E.A.C.E. Inc. recommended

07-07, 14, 21, 28    Readings/Upper Onondaga Park

07-27 through 07-31   City Youth Track, Field, and Cross Country Camp, ages 7 – 12

08-13-09   Salt City Games Track Meet, youth ages 8 through 15, directing, volunteers and volunteer CNY track and field officials

08-15-09   Willow Bay Women’s 5K, announcing

09-30-09   Felder presence at high school cross country meet, Jamesville Beach,J-D/ES-M

10-14-09   Felder presence at high school cross country meet, J-D HS/Chittenango

10-19-09   Mr. Kane leaves Felder Board, remains Accounting Officer

10-29-09   Twenty Women Executive Luncheon, Oncenter (31 women executives), Tucker speaking

11-05-09   Women Executive Luncheon-Part II, named ourselves Felder Ambassadors

11-07-09   Felder presence at cross country Sectional competition

11-23-09  Holiday Lights Walk, OLP, Felder volunteers marshals, parking

11-24-09  Holiday Lights Doggie Walk, OLP, volunteer course marshals and parking

12-13-09  Felder hired Stephen French to master website

01-02-10  Holiday Lights Midnight Run, OLP

—Week of January One, delivered shoes from Fleet Feet Sports to Rescue Mission

01-05-10  J. Goulet and L. Tucker met Syracuse city School District Athletic Director, Christian Hodge, who supports

01-08-10  J. Goulet and L. Tucker and Teitsch-Kent-Fay kick off Phase One of Feasibility Study

01-11-10  Felder Board Meeting, City Parks conference room, 2100 people named in

Million Yeses project;  J. Goulet suggests professional fundraiser and havingannual fundraising event

01-19-10  Mrs. Tubbert to begin 2009 annual and new IRS expectations for 501c3, due in May

01-28-10  Felder Ambassador meeting at Oncenter, introduction of Youth Representative Marty Nicholson;   Mr. Spoto, speaker, offered printing services to Mountain Goat Race to encourage restaurants to stay open on Race day, Felder neighbor partnering

02-06-10  Felder presented Nunbetter chocolate centerpiece to Oncenter volunteers

02-10-10  Assemblywoman Joan Christensen hosted J. Goulet and L. Tucker,recommended contacts Nader Maroun, Common Council Education Chair and Rob Simpson, President of newly merged MDA/Chamber of Commerce

03-10-10   The Griffins gave 33 pairs of shoes to Felder/Rescue Mission Walk/Run program.   Rich Terpening joined as assistant.   Increased time at Kiesewetter Arena by ½ hour, began serving another group at RM.

03-15-10  New exterior images presented by TKF in meeting with Superintendent Lowengard, AD Hodge, and Tucker

03-20-10  Mentoring/consulting/announcing Pulaski HS School House to White House 5K

03-25-10  Felder Ambassadors meeting, Marty Nicholson, spoke of encouraging youth and families to be proponents of Felder Stadium;   joined Board as YouthRepresentative

03-30-10  “CNY Sports”, a glossy magazine, features an article by Kathrine Switzer, cites Felder Stadium project

04-27-10  County Executive Mahoney met with Kent and Fay of TKF Architects, AD Hodge, Goulet and Tucker for presentation.   Ms. Mahoney proposed new site,urged cost/revenue study, and a visit to Ryan Community Center in Rochester, project of city-county-school

05-02-10  Mountain Goat Kids Chase, balloons donated by J. Funiciello, restaurant project successful

05-07-10  Kent, Fay, M. Nicholson, Goulet, Tucker, C. Abbott, Parks Commissioner P. Driscoll agreed with the County Executive

05-26-10  Met with J. Verbeck who proposed plan for cost/revenue study

06-02-10  SRC Arena  groundbreaking.   Goulet and Tucker attended.   Dr. Sydow and Mr. Murphy thanked Felder for our support

06-16-10  Horrific news-photo of destruction of Manley Field House

06-24-10  Felder Board meeting

06-25-10  Research trip with Bob Kent to Ryan Community Center/Rochester

07-07-10  Tucker attended meeting at Schine Center/Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public and Community Service

07-14, 15, 18-10  Set up table at Valley Field Days

07-23-10  Chris Economides of USL Soccer requests we keep in touch, looking for a home for his sport

08-02 to 08-06  Track, Field, and Cross Country Camp for Youth ages 7 – 12, turned over direction to Mike Melfi

08-12-10  Salt City Games Track Meet, Felder directs, finds officials and volunteers, suburban entrants this year

08-13-10  Dave Renaud, SU junior, offers to set up Felder office

08-17-10  Mr. Magnarelli advised us that we did not yet receive the grant monies with which to buy Henninger a pole vault system

08-23-10  Fleet Feet fundraising run/walk with Dick Beardsley;   Felder foundvolunteers, Rescue Mission administrators and Pulaski HS students learning how to put on a race

09-23-10  Felder Board meeting.   Jackie Miron won the 50/50 raffle.   OncenterMarketing Manager gave tutorial on what to say to potential grantor

10-23-10  Walking tour of Near West Side with Paul Nojaim and Dan Fay

11-17-10   Jim Goulet and Lennie gave Felder Presentation to Lions Club at Traditions, Dewitt, request of Charley Keast  (Tom Twichell)

11-22, 23-10   Onondaga Lake Lights Walks, Parking and Marshal Volunteers by Felder, the 23rd is Doggie Night

12-05-10   Silent Auction at Wise Guys, benefit Felder Stadium

12-18-10   Walking Tour, Paul Nojaim with Professors Ruth Yanai and Terry McConnelland Community Activist Aggie Lane

01-06-11   Felder Board meeting, began Host-Neighbor project, Jim Goulet moved that Felder make a strong effort in 2011 to lay public claim to the efforts we make in community service and try to re-gain same for past efforts, re LightsWalks/Run, Rescue Mission Walk/Run program, School House to WhiteHouse 5K, Youth Camp, Community Practices, Salt City Games Track Meet,Mountain Goat Kids Chase

01-08-11   Onondaga Lake Lights Run, directed by Felder, record number of runners, 150

02-07-11   Met Bryan Preaster of Brother-to-Brother at Bagelicious

02-09-11   Letter from Jim Goulet to Dr. Burton urging meeting with Pat Leone about installation of timing technology in OCC arena;   Pat re-sent written requirements

02-24-11   Letter to Leiko Benson to request inclusion of Felder name in 2011 Lights on the Lake literature                                                                                             7

03-01-11   Dr. Burton of OCC assures us that Mr. Goulet’s and Mr. Leone’s concerns are taken care of

03-10-11   Felder Board meeting/Host-Neighbors

03-20-11   School House to White House 5K, Pulaski, Felder advising, announcing

04-05-11   Jasper Royal donated 1989 Millrose Games poster, signed by Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Steve Scott, Sydney Maree, Paula Ivan, Mary Slaney, and others

04-05-11   Began letter-writing campaign/invitation to business brunch to 31 benefactors of installation of new Manley Field House turf

04-10-11   Pole vault proposal rejected again, re-submitted to Assemblyman. Magnarelli

05-01-11   Felder does The Mountain Goat Kids Chase

05-03-11   Felder presentation to Mr. Muhammad, new Syracuse Parks Director

05-05-11   Attended Fireside Chat with Onondaga County Executive Mahoney and Syracuse Mayor Miner, met Honeywell’s John McAuliffe, Program Director of Onondaga Lake Restoration

05-12-11   Felder Board meeting

05-17-11   Spoke with Geddes Federal’s Mr. Strodel and Ms. Webster about the Felder accounts

06, 07-2011    Loop the Lake project with Mr. McAuliffe and Mr. Milburn, ongoing

06-28-11   Met with Mr. Lansley, Administrator of County Parks about Felder ascreator of the idea and the plan for Lights Exhibit in summer of 2005 andasking inclusion of Felder name in literature;   Mr. Lansley said No, suggested perhaps some signage

07-2011     Direct mail letters to “Associations”, taken from telephone book, include SASE, ongoing

08-02-11   Met Frederick J. Micale, Esq.,  referred by Mr. Dolan, Esq., who advised on franchise of Felder Camp, said we should have paper work every time we volunteer for a community service/project or invent one, like those referred to on January 6 Board Meeting Summary, and that same paper work with Feldername and/or logo on it constitutes franchise

08-03-11    Received letter of resignation from Board by Tim Collins

08-04-11   Jim Goulet and Lennie toured the OCC arena construction site with Steve Hyman, Manager, at invitation of Sue Tormey, Assistant to V-P

08-11-11   Salt City Games Track Meet, Felder volunteers, uniformed officials

08-16-11   Idea for Q Games   (Quadrant Games) City version of ESG, sent to Mr.Hodge, AD of Syracuse City Schools

09-08-11   Felder Board meeting, Eric Munoz won 50/50 raffle, $57;   J. Brocious suggested karate/track meet event as promotion

09-09-11   Pat Leone, formerly a Board member, becomes Consultant/ResultsTechnologies and Education in Felder Stadium

09-19-11   Letters by direct mail to list of promoters found in Post-Standard, heard from Delaware Companies

09-22-11   Requested volunteers of Blessed Sacrament PTO for Empire State Marathon

09-10-11-2011   Advertising in “Forbes Magazine”

10-02-11  Q Games meeting, Camillus Friendly’s

10-16-11   Empire State Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Marathon Relay.   Felder was part of Executive Committee, year-long  planning/job was community outreach

10-16-11  TEAM FELDER, Captain Rich Terpening, Gary Radford, Mark Rybinski, and Joe Mora WON Marathon Relay, Kathrine Switzer presented their award

11-05-11  Presence at Sectional Cross Country meet, Jamesville;   West Canada Valley teenager won the raffle prize, a Nunbetter chocolate centerpiece

11-06-11  Q Games meeting, Friendly’s, Eastwood, met Mr. Marino, Manager/soccer coach

11-10-11  Felder Board meeting, gave Oncenter CEO Peter Casper elevator versionpresentation of Felder

11-10-11   County Executive Mahoney’s office called to thank us for help with Loop theLake and to congratulate us on gaining signage for the Lights Walks, also tooffer help

11-11       William Lansley, OLP Commissioner, approved Felder signage for LightsEvents and presented these to us;  most ever for a single evening, 3,000Walkers, 10,000 over all

11-25-11   First Onondaga Nation Trail Run, Felder sponsor

12-04-11   CUSE (Q) Games meeting, Friendly’s Eastwood, Dale Johnson (soccer), GuyLinton (track and field), Todd Cook (soccer), Chris Pelligra (soccer), Pat Driscoll (Say Yes), Chris Abbott (City Parks), Scott Fiello (soccer) AndyHazeltine (soccer), Harold Muller, Chittenango track and field, interested in helping

12-06-11  Dedication of SRC Arena, Felder did letter-writing over 2 years, set Felder aside for the duration

12-13-11  Sent pre-proposal to Elohim, Isaiah 45

12-14-11  For purposes of possible of track rental overlay of image of Felder ontoOncenter did not fit/Bob Kent

12-28-11  OCC Assistant to V-P Sue Tormey said “–thank you and everyone associated with Felder and the running community in CNY for your support”

12-30-11  Thumbnail: 2011, annual report

01-02-12  Felder presentation to Salvation Army/ Major George Polarek, who said Felder has a “footprint of service in the community”

01-07-12  Lights Run, about 150 runners, Onondaga Lake Park, 11:00 pm

01-08  CUSE Games meeting, Friendly’s, Eastwood

01-21-12  Felder Started first 2 women’s races at Sherrer/Hartshorne Memorial Mile, Barton Hall, Cornell, donated Awards for Master Women

01-22-12  Ed Stabler called our work for SRC “miraculous”

02-02       78 year old in Felder-Rescue Mission Walk/Run program at 300 miles

02-09-12  Pre-proposal accepted, sent Proposal to Isaiah 45

02-09-12  Felder Board meeting

03-25-12  School House to White House 5K, Pulaski, high school-directed fundraiser, small Felder sponsorship

04-01-12  CUSE Games meeting

04-12-12  Felder Board meeting, moment of silence in memory of Brian Dodge

May/June, 2012  Run/Jump/Throw, once a week, Blessed Sacrament School, Sister Nicolette, 75 children

04-14-12  Posted on www.felderstadium.com results and write-up of World Masters competition/Coreen Steinbach, gifted local Master, a World Champion

04-17-12  Delivered donated (Fleet Feet) new shoes to needy teenager on Hannibal track team

05-06-12  Mountain Goat Race, Felder sponsored 55 City children, First Student donated a Sunday morning shuttle bus, school to race and back; Felder gave large twin trophies to Seymour and McKinley-Brighton Elementary Schools, who had tying numbers of participants and are 2012 Mountain Goat City Champions

05-10-12  Teleconference call from Isaiah 45

05-12-12  First newspaper mention of Felder Stadium, Post-Standard, among Thank-Yous from Mountain Goat Foundation, Griffin and Mullen

05-13-12  CUSE Games meeting

05-16-12   Felder-Rescue Mission runner going for 1000 miles

05-16-12  Alumnus of teaching staff of Felder/City Track, Field, and Cross Countrysummer day Camp, begun 2000, Shante White graduated summa cum laude, University of Buffalo

06-05-12  Felder advertised Syracuse Parks’ Salt City Games Track Meet in Scotsman

06-07-12  Felder joined Centerstate Chamber group

06-07-12  Felder Board meeting

06-12      Discussion with organizer of proposed Athletic Charter School, Patrina Thomas

06-26-12  Tucker took Virtus background check training and test for Catholic School summer run-jump-throw camp with Sister Nicolette/Blessed Sacrament School

07-12-12  Set up Felder table at Women’s Distance Festival, Dryden, an event by FLRC, gave roses to all newbie finishers

07-18-12  Visited Enable with Matt Seubert, wonderful place, Run/Jump/Throw

07-20-12  Second newspaper reference to Felder Stadium, in “Ithaca Journal” Running Column by Marie Fitzsimmons

07-30, 31-08-01, 02-12  Blessed Sacrament Run/Jump/Throw Camp for elementary school children;   Jasper Royal conducted start block clinic

07-30, 31-08-01-12  After-program R/J/T mini-clinic at Nottingham Soccer Camp

08-09-12  Salt City Games Track Meet.   Felder donated headbands to all, shiny singlets to milers, and Mile trophies for male and female in The Mayor Cup Mile,attendance/City children, Onondaga Nation children, Blessed Sacrament children;   CNY officials volunteered

08-11-12  Mother of participants in Salt City Games Track Meet said, “You’ve changed the lives of my children.”

08-23-12  Felder-Nottingham track meet planning dinner with Shomari Felder and Gina

09-06-12  Photograph of Blessed Sacrament track and field athletes in “The Catholic Sun”

09-09-12  CUSE Games meeting

09-10-12   Second check for $500 sent to Syracuse Track Club in interest of friendlyrelations between track clubs, for STC annual scholarship

09-12-12  Felder Board meeting, track meets dates:   06-11, 25, 07-09,23-13

10-16-12  Tucker meeting with Ms. Hendrickson and CEO Mr. Thornton/Rescue Mission in attempt to keep the arena instead of turning it into housing, suggested programming

10-19, 20, 21-12   Had booth at Empire State Marathon/Half and Relay Expo, Steve French popped  corn throughout Expo and at Race

10-21-12  Team Felder Terpening, Mora, Martinez, and Rybinski WON the Relay,second year, 2.37:28

11-06-12  Met Kathy Rapp, gave presentation, briefly

11-08-12   Meeting at Mimi’s.   Felder partner Jim Goulet, Architect Bob Kent, CityCouncilor Bob Dougherty, City Parks Commissioner Baye Muhammad, SCSDAthletic Director Chris Hodge.   Received permission from Mr. Muhammad to do soil study on Roesler Park.

11-13, 14-12  Lights Walks, Volunteers/parking/marshals/Oonondaga Lake Park, took doggie photographs and posted them on website for distribution, free, Gromny Family has perfect volunteer attendance, Chris Abbot, Tim and Kathy Collins, Bridget Pellichet, Chris Notarthomas, Steve French, Sam French

11-15-12  Invited to opening of Honeywell Visitor Center, lovely

11-22-12  B. Gibson won 50/50 raffle, $50, Happy Thanksgiving

11-23-12  Second Annual Onondaga Nation Trail Run, won by Antonio Epolito who loves the new/more difficult course, Felder continues to sponsor, 43 runners

12-12       “Felder Stadium By the Numbers”, annual report

01-01-13   January One, “Felder Stadium for You”, a perspective

01-05-13  Lights Run, 11:00 pm, biggest turn-out ever, 350 people, White Water stayed open and made runners warm, welcome, and well-fed

01-30-13  Received notice of success of pole vault grant from NYS to Henninger by way of Assemblyman Magnarelli

02-06-13  Contracted with Clearchannels for urban radio invitation spot about Common Council meeting

02-07-13   Felder Board meeting

02-27-13  Approval of signs for Roesler Park from mayor’s office, Mrs. Wingate,mother of murdered child, and City children’s coach Jasper Royal attended

03-04-13  Commendation by Common Council for Felder’s good works in the school and Community, Resolution # 68

03-24-13  Announced at Pulaski School House to White House 5K, an activity which secures for the Youth Directors, each, a $10,000 John Ben Snow scholarship

05-07-13  Believe to Achieve Award from Syracuse Sports Corporation

05-09-13   Felder Board meeting, moment of silence for Boston Marathon athletes;  track meet dates December 15 and 22, January 26, February 2.   February 16, may be an option, instead of December 22.

05-21-13  Dinosaur Barbecue Visit Syracuse Dinner, invitation of Jeff Mickle of Chamber of Commerce

06-11-13  Felder-Nottingham Track Meet, Virgin Islands National 4 x 100 came to check us out, looking for qualifying times for World Games

06-25-13  Felder-Nottingham Relays Track Meet, Virgin Islands 4 x 100 qualified for World University Games Captain Leon Hunt, Eddie Lovett, David Walters,Collister Fahie, alternate Calvin Descent , coached by Cornell Sprints Coach Adrian Durant, automatic timing/ CNY Officials, significant for Felder in that this is international recognition

06-25-13    Letter to editor of P-S, congratulating OCC President Dr. Sydow, wishing her well

07-09-13  Felder-Nottingham Track Meet

07-23-13  Felder-Nottingham Track Meet, Asics Shoe Corporation sponsored Prediction Mile, first recognition of Felder by a corporation is significant

07-29, 30, 31-08-01, 02-13   Felder-Rescue Mission Bible Study Run/Jump/Throw 30-40 children ages 3 through 12, teenage helpers participated and  some adults, mornings

07-26-13  Thank-you message from the Virgin Islands Captain Hunt of 4 x 100 Relay team;  4 x 100 improved time, Lovett won gold In hurdle event at World University Games, went on to World Championships in Moscow

08-06-13  Clarification of the name of Felder Stadium in writing, request of P.J. Dolan, Esq.

08-20-13  Meeting with Rebecca Hann, SRC/OCC Arena Manager requesting 4 Felder indoor Meets

08-21-13  She said Yes.

08-30-13  Webmaster Steve French died.

09-01-13  Felder Board Officers:   Youth Representative Jasper Royal, 08-01-13(involved since 2004, first $100 donor), Felder Secretary Dawn Field, 09-01-13(involved since 2006, began as webmaster), Web Design and Master Tommy Scott, 08-31-13 (involved since 2007 as webmaster, produced audio and 2dvd’s, returned as webmaster for re-design and marketing, 08-31-13), FelderVice-President Jim Goulet, 09-10-07 (involved since 2006), Lennie Tucker,founder/President/treasurer, 10-24-04.

09-12-13  Felder Board meeting, Charles Raymond won 50/50 raffle, $50;   newpromotion window stickers

09-13-13   Fleet Feet Sports has donated and Felder has delivered and fitted 551 pairs of new shoes,  over 3 years, as of this date

09-18-13  Met with Brian Pincelli, NYS Regional Director and NYSERDA consultant, with Bob Kent of TKF Architects, Paul Sack of Sack Engineers, and Jim Goulet, Felder partner;  outcome:   Business Plan (Tucker), Energy Model(Sack), then meeting of all with City Hall principals ASAP

09-26-13 First Business Plan meeting with Tucker/J. Powers, Director of  NYS Small Business Development, OCC

10-10-13  Changed website to www.felderstadium.org   Note:  dot  org , in process

10-20-13  TEAM FELDER won Empire State Marathon Relay, 2:44, thanks to Mike Boni, Javier Martinez, Rob Plyta, and Captain Rich Terpening, a three-peat performance

11-04-13  Felder purchase of high jump apparatus, M-F

11-13-13  Application to NYS for CHAR 410, $25

11-29-13  Third Annual Onondaga Nation Trail Races, Felder a sponsor/one of 3 founders

12-15, 22, 01-26, 02-02-14   Felder-SRC Track Meets

01-04-14  Lights Run, all-time best attendance, 450-plus, White Water open with hot soup

01-21-14  Meeting with Galaxy re partner/sponsorship for Felder Summer Relay Meet, July 23

01-22-14   Concluded Business Plan with Ms. Powers at OCC Small Business Center

01-25-14   Felder Woman Starter at Hartshorne/Sherrer Memorial Mile at Barton Hall, Cornell, third year

01-31-14  Felder-Syracuse Stadium receives notice of Qualification to do business in New York State and to apply for grants

02-05-14   Delivery of Felder implement cart to OCC for hj pits/purchase/M-F

02-06-14   Creation of Felder Track Club ByLaws by Rich Terpening

02-12-14   Felder ordered pole vault system for Henninger HS (Assemblyman Magnarelli/grant)

02-20-14  Public Notice in Post-Standard of issuance of Business Certificate, Office of Clerk, Onondaga County

02-25-14  Energy analysis of Felder Stadium by Paul Sack

03-11-14  Felder offered high jump and pole vault systems to lend for Section III track and field, 2014-15, SCSD approved (Mr. Ferrara)

03-12-14  Installation of Rich Terpening as Membership Chair of Felder Track and Field Club

03-19-14   Jasper Royal resigns from Felder Board, gone fishin’

03-28-14   Chris Sease recorded a radio message with ESPN, promotion for Felder Relay meet featuring the Virgin Island National Track and Field Team

04-10-14   Informational meeting with Reverend Sam and Mrs. Marva Hudson, Chris Sease, Sabra and Bill Reinhardt and Tucker at Mimi’s

04-17-14  Meeting at Henninger Track re storage of new pole vault set-up, Principal Rob DiFlorio, AD Ari Liberman, District AD Chris Hodge, CNY Official John Austin, Coach Dave Cline, and Tucker

04-18-14  Richard Terpening becomes Felder Board Member, continues as Membership Chair and is the only currently competing runner on our board

05-07-14  Full page promotion in “New Times”

06-09-14 through 08-11-14   Run-Jump-Throw for Families at Danforth Playing Field, Mondays

07-04-14   Ended 5 years of Walk/Run at Rescue Mission

07-19-14   Significant donation from Yvonne Tasker-Rothenber,  future Felder Relay events shall be known as Yvonne’s Relay Carnivals

07-21 through 07-25-14  Run-Jump-Throw  Camp with Sister Nicolette at Blessed Sacrament School, double sessions, 31 children

07-30-14   Sent Grant application to NYS Office of Child and Family Services

08-12-14  Meeting with Assemblyman Sam Roberts

09-09-14   Felder presentation with Scott and Tina at Limp Lizard

09-24-14  Received NYS Office of Child and Family Services Grant in the amount of  $23,000 for the pole vault system at Henninger HS, thanks  to Assemblyman William Magnarelli

09-13-14   Planned presentation at Bethany Baptist Church with Mrs. Pat Gomez, Dr. Hillsman and Sonia Hudgins, consequence of hand-outs at Deb’s Convenience Store on South Salina Street, where Wally Howard was killed

10-20-14  Resumed Rescue Mission program at Crossroads, 3 days per week, campus Residence,  javelin, shot, discus throws, soccer, 5, 8, and 10# weights, arm/leg pedal equipment, basketball dribbling, recording in journals, reading a chapter in Boeheim’s book

11-01-14  Board Member Terpening made history at his College as one of two Morrisville cross country runners finishing in the Top Ten of the championship event, the first time ever, earning First Team All-Conference honors, North East Athletic Conference

11-20-14  Presentation meeting with Ben Walsh , Deputy Commissioner of City Neighborhood and Business Development

11-28-14  Onondaga Nation Trail Races, small sponsorship

12-13, 20-14, 01-24, 02-01-15   Felder-SRC/OCC Indoor Track Meets

12-14, 21-14  Felder-SRC Indoor Practices

01-24-15 Started Hartshorne/Sherrer Masters Memorial Mile, Women’s races, Felder provided women’s awards

02-09-15 Tried crowdfunding, didn’t work

02-12-15 Felder Board Meeting, by e-mail

03-18-15 Disastrous Consensus meeting

04-02-15 Met Marie Morelli, an Editor, from Post-Standard, thanks to Steve Carlic. She has much Felder information, but something is not clicking.  Steve Cvengros, Stan Linhorst, Chris Carlson,

05-07-15 Felder Board Meeting, by e-mail

05-16-15 Re-joined CenterstateCEO

05-21-15 Jim Kane, CPA, retired from Felder-Syracuse

05-24-15 Board Member Richard Terpening ran a 3:03.15 marathon, qualified for Boston

06, 8, 15, 22, 29, 07-06, 13, 20, 27, 08-03, 10 Family Run-Jump-Throw at Danforth Playing Field, 6 families, 28 children, 45 participants, 28 children, 6 families

06-16, 23, 07-07, 21 Felder Track and Field All-Comers Track Meets, FREE, 260 participants, Sponsors, Fastsigns, Branch Driving, runningart.com, J and J Goulet, Y Tasker-Rothenberg, ALPLA Wellness, Anonymous

07-15-15 Sent welcome message to Coyle Family, Mr. Coyle is new AD at SU.

07-22-15 REDC meeting. Met Diane Bell-McCoy of ABC, Baltimore, 300 aspirants to governor’s money.

07-27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 08-03, 04, 05, 06, 07-15 Double sessions Run-Jump-Throw summer camp at Blessed Sacrament School with Sister Nicolette, 33 children ages 4 through 12

08-05-15 Subscribed to Grantwatch

08-13-15 Spoke with Mr. Robert Kawa, CPA, who will help us with accounting after January One, thanks to P.J. Dolan, Esq.

08-17-15 Felder Board Meeting, by e-mail

09-01-15 Felder made $50 donation to each of the Today’s Options Champions, all of them aid organizations for the elderly, CRIS, Honor Flight, Sarah’s House, North Area Meals on Wheels

10-01-15 Rebecca Spadaro, web designer/developer, partner in Face First Creative, Inc.,  joins Felder-Syracuse Board, see Post-Standard, 10-30

10-08-15 Met with CEO Robert Simpson of Centerstate, Mimi’s/AXA conference room

10-18-15 Empire State Marathon and Half, Felder Starts

11-27-15 Onondaga Nation Trail Races, Felder makes small sponsorship

12-01-15  John Slaven becomes Felder Club Coach

12-12, 19-15, 01-09, 01-03-16, 02-06-16 Felder All-Comer Meets, SRC/OCC

12-13, 20-15, 01-01, 02-16 Felder Practices, SRC/OCC

12-21-15  Fleet Feet Sports donated to Felder Stadium, $1,000

12-30-15  Connected with Alan Rosenthal, Esq. Center for Community Alternatives

01-23-16 Hartshorne/Sherrer Memorial Masters Mile, Felder Starts, provides women’s awards

02-01-16  Meeting with Editorial Board of Post-Standard, robust discussion led by Marie Morelli.  Also taking part, Board Member Jim Goulet, Mother Lila Wingate and Uncle of my kindergartner Clifford Ryan.  The child grew to be killed on the streets as a young adult.  On March 16, the editorial board decided not to editorialize in favor of Felder Stadium.P-S Editors, Melinda Johnson, Jason Musray, Marie, Steve Cvengros, Chris Carlson, and Steve Carlic.

06-06, 13, 20, 27, July 04, 11, 18, 25, August 01, 08-16 Track and Field on a Cart, Danforth Playing Field (formerly Roosevelt H S football field)

06-23, 30, July 07, 14, 28, August 04-16  Felder Track and Field Practices, Nottingham HS

06-14, 28, July 05, 12-16  Felder Track and Field All-Comer Meets

07-14-16  Dryden Women’s 5K, Finger Lakes RC event, Felder gave roses to final 3 dozen runners

07-23-16  Inaugural Emmaus Run by Bob Raymonda/Felder consulted/supports

08-21-16  Jim Goulet retires from the Felder Board

09-13-16 At Limp Lizard with Jim Peterson, Utica Representative, and Rich Terpening, began preparations  for the AAU District Qualifying Meet, June 17, 2017

10-09-16  Empire Marathon, Tucker started.   Ryan Millar won it.  Race is great tradition begun by Brian Collins in 2011.

11-25-16  Onondaga Nation Trail Races, sent donation

12-01-16  Engaged with SU Graduate Student M. Drew for a Felder promotional video

11-14, 15-16  Stories by the Tree at Lights Walks, OLP

11-25-16  Onondaga Nation Trail Races, sent donation

12-18-16  01-02, 09, 22, 29, March 12, 19-17   Felder Practices, SRC/OCC, 4 – 6

02-02-17 first meeting of Felder Think Panel, Simpson, Sanford, Griffin, Morganti, Reverend and Mrs. Hudson, Terpening, P. Driscoll, Davis, Tucker, discussed hiring group to conduct a feasibility study

04-04-17 signed Sports Facilities Advisory to conduct the study

05-05-17  Mountain Goat monument dedication, a great, great event

06-17-17  AAU District Qualifier, big success, 2 of City children went from District to Regionals in Ohio and then to Nationals in Ypsilanti

07-12, 19, 26, August 2-17  Felder practices at Nottingham HS

10-08-17  Empire Marathon and Half, Tucker started, Ryan Millar won the Half–again

10-09-17  ended 9 1/2 years of fitness program at Rescue Mission/Crossroads, not happily

10-16-17  Annulled agreement with Sports Facilities Advisory, to be concluded when survey is taken of Roesler Park, 4 hours remaining  and due Felder that SFA may complete the study, remainder of contract to be re-negotiated

11-11-17  Reverend Hudson died.  A stalwart supporter of Felder.  Words cannot say–.

11-13, 14-17  Stories by the Tree, Lights Walks, OLP

12-14-17  Met The Reverend Jesse Brantley of Syracuse Ministerial Alliance and son Jesse Brantley at Spaghetti Warehouse for introductory talk, to be continued in March with group of ministers

01-01-18  Bruce Donohue, CPA, became Felder’s new accountant, thankfully

01-18-18  Met new City Neighborhood/Business Commissioner Pasquale and friends, Spillane and Khakoo, to re-request the Roesler Park survey

01-20-18  sent donation from Felder to Hartshorne Memorial Mile, There, for almost 30 years, I missed starting and the whole involvement with running athletes.