About Us

Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium, Inc. has been organized to build, operate, and maintain a multi-use track and field stadium in downtown Syracuse, New York. Though intended for use by the general public, the building is provided with a high tech 200 meter track with curves which may be raised and lowered automatically, offering both national and international use of the arena, as well as community and regional use. An elevated track and soccer and lacrosse fields and volleyball courts are included in the design. Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium, Inc. is a 501c3, not-for-profit organization.

The Specs

  • 254,000 Total Square Footage
  • Hydraulic Adjustable Competition Track
  • Climbing Wall
  • Auxiliary Multi-Purpose Floor w/ A Synthetic Surface
  • IAAF Certified Officials
  • Soccer Volleyball Lacrosse Rugby Gymnastics Wrestling Boxing
  • Physical Therapy for the Under-Served
  • Venue for Physical Exercise Science & Nutrition
  • Water Spa
  • State of the Art Fitness & Therapy Room
  • Separate Warm Up Oval Track
  • Two Places for Each Field Event
  • Simulated Practice Area For Discus, Javelin & Hammer
  • Results Technology Laboratory

felder stadium

“Imagine a world-class stadium right here in our own backyard. Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium. A vision to change lives, a passion to create opportunity and hope for our children. Allow our community to determine and fulfill their destiny. To instill and stimulate the winner in each of us. Felder Stadium will unite and anchor our neighborhood and create a better place to raise our families.”

~Shomari Felder

The Felder Competitive Advantage

Felder Syracuse Track and Field Stadium has a two-fold competitive edge. First, it houses the only indoor track and field complex that offers running athletes the made-in-Italy, hydraulically-controlled/banked track. Walkers and fitness buffs will have an opportunity to walk or jog year round, round-the-clock, on a near-quarter mile 4-lane track. Beyond these two tracks, the scope and variation of the programs run from this facility will be unmatched by any other facility in the area. Second, our competitive edge is built on attributes of scope, quality, and accessibility which will attract many people to the complex.

Currently, soccer, lacrosse and volleyball people play other sports in winter to stay in shape until the season for their own outdoor sport arrives. Rugby people often pay for a midnight practice session wherever they can find it or piggy-back on another program. In fact rugby is gaining on softball as a women’s team sport.

By maintaining focus on and fulsome attention to strategy, marketing, and program development Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium will be known as the top sports and fitness club in Upstate New York. We should be aware that our competitive edge may be diluted if we become complacent in our program development and implementation. As a result of attracting teams from outside of CNY, it is expected they will occupy 40,000 room-nights the first year and to increase by .06 each year until a stabilized year, 50,000, in 2019 or 2220, and to increase by 10% each year, thereafter. Each member of Team Felder, staff, board, and officers, from Equipment Manager to Arena Manager, from library intern to principals to lessees, therapists, coaches, and Results Technologist, all must buy into Felder-Syracuse Track and Field policy, objectives, and mission and do so with zest.

It is important that we keep up with current trends in sport and fitness, such as the positive unintended consequences of the Affordable Health Care Act which elicited action by the six Buffalo City physicians and by the developing of ever-younger sports teams as “travel teams” and by putting tournaments on the calendar as soon as team schedules are available. Thus, the strengths of Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium.

Weakness. In this latitude only outdoor stadia have weakness, which is snow. Indoors, Felder-Syracuse Track and Field Stadium can take advantage of that weakness.

The Opportunities of Felder-Syracuse Indoor Track are those which arise from being in a densely populated area, from the offering of year round, round-the-clock fitness, training, and competition, from the offering of Quality attainable nowhere else; we actively seek Quality. Travel teams, elite and collegiate tournaments, Wounded Warriors, partnerships with Chamber of Commerce, with P.E.A.C.E., ARC, Enable, USATF, AAU, IAAF, including well-advertised IAAF certifications of equipment and space, Armory Square, downtown business partnerships, all opportune.

Felder-Syracuse Track and Field is challenged by being located in an SU-Ball crazy town of football and basketball and we forget it at our peril. Scheduling must be first with the best, early in the season with the most multi-day tournaments. Lack of 4-season facilities is seen as a weakness among the outdoor facilities we researched. We must get them in the door to the village!